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Food Safety & Quality

In 2003, Atlantic Potato Distributors became the first potato packing facility in Canada to exceed safety standards permitting them to do internal inspections followed by immediate shipments. During these inspections, APD triple checks the receiving, midline and final product. The Company was the first to be fully approved by Canadian Partners in Quality (CPIQ) and have maintained the top position in food quality and safety in Canada.

APD is also certified with the coveted Safe Quality Food (SQF) Certification: a rigorous, global safety program that evaluates manufacturing, food storage and distribution. For Atlantic Potato Distributors, being recognized as leaders in this area is no coincidence. The Company's lifestyle strives to provide customers with the healthiest table potatoes possible.

Packing and distributing potatoes year round makes Atlantic Potato Distributors unique. The Company ensures quality control by shipping seed potatoes to the US to be grown during winter months. The ability to track their product and ensure quality makes APD the biggest and preferred re-packer of the southern potato along the eastern seaboard.

As a company that grows only 20 per cent of their complete supply on-site, Atlantic Potato Distributors began traceability programs before it was fashionable. As part of their food safety program, APD audits growers to ensure the Company's high quality standards are met.

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