How We Work

Packing and distributing potatoes year round make Atlantic Potato Distributors unique. The Company ensures quality control by shipping seed potatoes to the US to be grown during winter months. The ability to track their product and ensure quality makes APD the biggest and preferred re-packer of the southern potato along the eastern seaboard.

As a company that grows only 20 per cent of their complete supply on-site, Atlantic Potato Distributors began traceability programs before it was fashionable. As part of their food safety program, APD audits growers to ensure the Company's high quality standards are met.

Huge achievements in food quality and safety have provided Atlantic Potato Distributors with the luxury of flexibility. Doing internal inspections allows APD to get short notice orders out in quick, real time. APD caters to busy people and busy marketplaces, where being flexible and prompt are essentials of success.

Distributing facilities in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Ontario allow Atlantic Potato Distributors to cover all their bases. A 5 PM order can be inspected, graded, packed and shipped to arrive as far away as Philadelphia by morning.

Atlantic Potato Distributors' dedication to food quality and safety, wide variety of packing options and flexible, rapid turn-around time has led to 17 years of growing success and customer satisfaction. Customers turn to Atlantic Potato Distributors because of their unprecedented leadership in areas that matter. APD invites you to be a leader with them.