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New Brunswickers have been growing and selling potatoes in the domestic and export markets for well over 100 years. Trade with some countries can be traced over many decades and still regularly deliver to these customers. Why should you buy New Brunswick potatoes? The answer is a simple one, whether you're buying seed, table or processing potatoes you can count on first quality standards and regulations. New Brunswick Potatoes taste better.

New Brunswick is widely recognized as an international leader in potato production. Their reputation for excellence is backed by generations of experience, a deep commitment to quality, and the most modern agricultural technologies available.

Blessed with the perfect climate and topography for growing potatoes, the climate is so potato-friendly, it actually enhances the flavour. Over 50 varieties of seed, table and processing potatoes are grown in the province.

APD understands the importance of responding to market trends and providing consistent service. From start to finish, they ensure that customers continue to receive the high quality products they have come to expect from Atlantic Potato Distributors.