When the Hanscome family created Atlantic Potato Distributors (APD) and ventured into brokering and distributing in 1993, they were satisfied with being a small, local business in Perth-Andover, New Brunswick. Things changed when they realized the lack of food safety and quality that exists in the packing industry locally, nationally and internationally.

Wholesalers and retailers want to invest in a product they can trust. A final sale is not just about delivering the product; it's about the customer trusting the product - trusting the distributor. The onus was on APD to become leaders in an area where others falter. The Company had an obligation to raise standards and provide their clients with the finest product, guarantees and dependability.

In today's day and age, consumers don't just grab the cheapest product off the shelves, they go for quality.

APD is an industry leader in quality and safety and they continue to evolve to meet and anticipate the needs of the market.